From in-person events, to virtual lobbying, to talking with friends and family, everyone can play a role in helping to end gun violence. Even small gestures can make a HUGE impact.

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The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence coordinates the efforts of more than fifty impactful GVP organizations.

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Raise your voice for gun safety in Illinois without traveling to Springfield. Five minutes is all it takes to support or oppose any bill in Committee.


Be SMART is a framework that parents, caretakers, and community leaders can follow to help keep their communities safe. Because our children deserve to feel safe, no matter where they are.


Encouraging parents to include firearms in their safety conversations: “Is there an unlocked gun where my child plays?” A simple question has the potential to save a child’s life and avoid these senseless tragedies.

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Find out if your investment funds are actually putting money into munitions or gun companies. Some helpful sites can tell you immediately if you own part of a gun company or are part of a fund that does.

When a person is in crisis and considering harming themselves or others, family members and law enforcement are often the first people to see the warning signs.


Extreme Risk laws, sometimes referred to as “Red Flag” laws, allow loved ones or law enforcement to intervene by petitioning a court for an order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing guns.

From Change the Ref, a powerful call for universal background checks.

Former NRA President David Keene gives a graduation speech to 3,044 empty chairs, each representing a student who would have graduated in 2021 if they hadn’t been killed by a gun.

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